Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The statue saving a coral reef in the Philippines

Eight years ago a statue of the Virgin Mary was sunk off the coast of Bohol in the Philippines to try to stop...

Facebook shares plunge in data mining scandal

Social media giant faces onslaught over misuse of data by firm working for Trump presidential campaignFacebook.

Trump: Get tough and execute drug dealers

The US president claims other countries with a zero tolerance approach 'have no drug problem'. Source

India: Chinese hackers spying on Indians using WhatsApp, warns army | News | DW

The Indian Army has alleged that Chinese hackers were using WhatsApp groups to mine personal data from Indians. In a video posted on...
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Germany′s top court rejects full-face veiled driver′s complaint | News | DW

Germany's top court on Monday rejected a Muslim woman's request to suspend a ban on driving while wearing a face veil. The woman had...

Cambridge Analytica au cœur d’un nouveau scandale

La chaîne britannique Channel 4 révèle un document en caméra cachée dans lequel le PDG de la société, Alexander Nix, propose de recourir...