Monday, November 12, 2018

A US sitcom, pronunciation and Irish 'imbalance' among concerns raised in naming of 2018-19...

Emails released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal how Met Éireann and the UK Met Office named this year’s storms. Source

Mission to discovery the mysteries of Mercury blasts off

The BepiColombo blasted off from French Guiana earlier today. Source

Dublin City Council plotting €200 million funding for 'below market rent' apartment blocks

The proposed initial site for the Cost Rental Residential Project would be in Ballymun. Source

Serraiocco,accanimento per estrometterci

'Abbiamo cambiato volto alla struttura, questione politica' Source

Gardaí catch 133 vehicles over the speed limit so far on National Slow Day

The 24-hour operation remains in place until 7am tomorrow. Source

Drug dealing criminals using bookmakers' online accounts to stash money

The practice is particularly prevalent in Irish prisons. Source

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Andrew Gwynne, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, has asked the government an urgent question about their appointment of Roger...

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